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Seaweed herbarium album
An herbarium is a collection of dried, preserved and/or pressed plants, leaves, flowers or fruit, seeds, wood sections, pollen and nowadays frozen DNA extractions. Every specimen is classified and labeled with full data as scientific name, location, date, habitat and description. Herbaria (plural latin of herbarium) are very important to the study of the flora of the world, around 300 million specimens.
Preserved specimen can be very often considered as botanical art. Herbaria are normally kept in universities, museum and botanical garden like in Paris, London, New York, St Louis, Cambridge or Washington.

seaweed herbarium

The following images are samples of some species of the different herbarium albums prepared on request. Click on thumbnails to see larger pictures .
 Asparagosis armata
Asparagopsis armata
Plocamium cartilagineum
Plocamium cartilagineum
Palmaria palmata, dulse
Palmaria palmata
Caulepa racemosa
Caulerpa racemosa
Codium fragile
Codium fragile
Ulva, sea letuce
Ulva rigida
Padina pavonica
Padina pavonica
Sargassum muticu, invasive seaweed
Sargassum muticum
Overview the list of available species and different kind of albums.

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