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Algotherapy is the therapeutic use of seaweed in thalasso-spa treatments which are now offered along european and american seashores in luxurious hotels and coastal resorts combining wellness and leisure.

The word thalassotherapy was created in 1867 by Dr. Bonnardière. The biologist René Quinton in 1904 publishes the work which still scientifically melts the therapeutic virtues of sea water
Louison Bobet, a Tour de France cyclist who was injured and healed by the seawater of his native Brittany was so impressed that he decided to promote the concept in a big way in the 1960s. Nowadays there are thalassotherapy hotels all around the world.

Guide of Thalassotherapy and Spa Hotels

Seaweeds contain a concentration of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are absorbed by the skin. The seaweed wrap is a total body cleanser , both inside and out. It will help to breakup fatty deposits in your body

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