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Seaweeds are simple and fascinating plants full of natural and beneficial ingredients and are famous for their benefits on human health. It was assumed they had the virtue to cure tuberculosis, arthritis, the colds and the influenza, the infestations with the worms, and could even have aphrodisiac properties.

Seaweeds stimulate and improve blood circulation, revitalize and firm the skin, eliminate toxins. The algae extracts nourish, oxygenate and detoxify the skin and can reduce signs of cellulite.

The iodine content stimulates the thyroid gland.  This increases the metabolic action, speeding up the detoxification process.

Other applications of algae like the cyanobacteria Spirulina are beneficial for acne, fall of hair, antiswrinkles, broken nails or against gastric ulcers and viral infections.
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  • The importance of seaweed in a healthy diet
    Seaweed is a everydays miracle. A small amount a day will help to keep you healthy. Minerals, vitamins, essential protein, fiber and omega 3 acids.

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