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Industries developing marine and algae ingredients: raw materials, cosmetics, chemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, nutrition, textil printing. Suppliers of active ingredients for all segments of face and body beauty. Research and testing services laboratories.

  • East Coast Seaweed INC.
    Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Quality Seaweed Extract in India
  • Lessonia
    Lessonia processes seaweed for industrial uses including cosmetic-nutraceutic and agricultural uses. The factory (5000 m2) located in Brittany is able to process more than 4000 mT per year of micronised seaweed.
  • World Association of Seaweed Processors
    The main purpose of the worldwide association is to promote the image and use of seaweed-derived hydrocolloids in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Marinova- The Fucoidan Experts
    Marinova is an Australian Company focused on utilizing natural resources to develop innovative medical applications.  Marinova extracts its primary fucoidan products from Undaria pinnatifida.  The fucoian found in Undaria, galactofucan sulphate (GFS) is the focus of our research and development program. GFS has been shown to be potently anti-viral and Marinova is currently researching a range of cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory and oncological application of the compound.
    Pronagar is a thickner and gelling agent, elaborated with agar-agar, seaweed extract of Gelidium and used in the elaboration of great amount of food.
Marinalg International

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