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In 1997, the CEVA (specialist in the study and enhancement of algae) at the request of couturier Olivier Lapidus developed an unusual research project,a marine plant fibre suitable for spinning, weaving, dying and washing, just like cotton. The result (a jacket made of silk piqué, cotton, algae and cornflower) was presented in the Spring-Summer 1997 collection, 25kg of seaweed were needed to make the necessary fabric. The couturier and CEVA are currently continuing to develop joint projects. The seaweed species, the techniques and the processing costs are classified " industrial secret ".

the power of seaweed in a fibre

Ascophyllum nodosum
Photo courtesy of SeaCell

But the latest innovation in marine textil (2001)  is the development of a new fiber, SeaCell ®, the combination of cellulose and active substances of seaweeds (e.g. Ascophyllum nodosum) and silver. The result is a soft, breathable, stimulating and comfortable fabric in the two versions: SeaCell® active fiber and
SeaCell® pure fiber.





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